/* codeCraft ß */

#include <fun.h>

One of the primary goals of coding.Studio( ); has always been to inculcate a coding culture in our college. We're trying to achieve that by conducting events. Our first two events - codeCraft and CSSOC were a grand success. To continue that streak, we decided that we would conduct codeCraft 2.0 this year, on March 19th and March 20th. But alas, the COVID-19 pandemic had it's play and we couldn't conduct it in college premises. But we did not want to disappoint our participants, and that is how codeCraft β was born.

codeCraft β is our college's first ever, 100% online event - announced, promoted, marketed and conducted online, with absolutely zero paper-work involved. We sent the participants a document containing everything they needed to know to get started with Competitive Programming, and then trained them online using a few easy problems from CodeChef.

What followed on 21st March, 2020 was an eight-hour contest filled with excitement and adrenaline. The problems set by us proved to be just right for the participants - Neither too easy, nor too hard. With tricky corner test-cases, the participants kept submitting continuously throughout the day, and the leader-board rankings kept changing ever so often. When the editorial was sent to them at the end of the day, many of them comprehended and grasped where they went wrong and resolved to improve upon their weak points.

The participants were satisfied with the outcome of the event, with many of them realizing that they had much, much more practising to do. A whole lot of them really liked the simplicity of CodeChef's User Interface, and were really impressed by CodeChef's Online IDE, and used it to run their solutions and test them before submission.

In conclusion, all of the participants learnt new things, had a healthy and fair competition, and most importantly, experienced and trained in the 'mind-sport' spirit of CP, making it a productive day for everyone.